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About the Honors College

“Don’t use college as a vocational school. Expose yourself as much as possible to different kinds of knowledge and experience. Don’t run with the pack.”

Bettina Boxall ’74, 2009 Pulitzer Prize winner

The Honors College in fewer than 100 (97 to be exact) words

Through first- and second-year preceptorials, third-year tutorials, and the thesis, the curriculum of the Honors College emphasizes learning which both broadens and deepens, expanding students’ perspectives by exploring areas of thought not closely related to their disciplines and allowing them to work in their majors with greater intensity than would be possible within a conventional course pattern.  Through the welcome cookout, pizza and jazz parties, trips to conferences, cultural performances on- and off-campus, Honors housing opportunities, and the pre-graduation Celebration of Honors, students learn that the Honors College is much more than academics, too.  It’s a college!


Two things you might want to read

A long-time Honors Director gets (most of) it right
Norm Weiner (a past-president of the NCHC, director emeritus of the Honors Program at SUNY-Oswego, and a good friend) gets it nearly all right.  All students, not only first-year students and not only Honors students, and faculty members should read this.

Some thoughts on Honors culture
Dean Charlie Slavin was asked to reflect on “honors culture” for an issue of The Journal of the National Collegiate Honors Council, and, not surprisingly, much of what he wrote is connected to Honors at UMaine.   As always, your mileage may vary.