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Rob Glover (Ph.D., University of Connecticut, 2010)
CLAS-Honors Preceptor of Political Science

Rob is a political scientist whose primary research areas of interest are democratic theory, human rights, international relations theory, and the politics of immigration. Prior to coming to UMaine, Rob was a Visiting Assistant Professor in the interdisciplinary Justice Studies program at James Madison University. His current research addresses the contemporary politics of immigration and citizenship with a focus on the issues of democratic legitimacy and non-citizen activism. In addition, Rob is co-editing a book which examines the use of “non-traditional” media such as film, literature, music, and social media to teach students about core political questions and ideas. His recent research has been featured in Political Studies, Philosophy & Social Criticism, PS: Political Science and Politics, and The Journal of Political Science Education.

Sarah Harlan-Haughey (Ph.D., Cornell University, 2011)
CLAS-Honors Preceptor of English

Sarah is a fourth-generation Montanan, born in Missoula to a family of farmers, musicians, and artists. She earned her undergraduate degrees in English and Spanish Literature at the University of Montana, and her Master’s and Doctoral degrees in the interdisciplinary Medieval Studies program at Cornell University. Her scholarship is particularly relevant to discussions of the environment and literature, colonial landscapes of power, and oral traditions. She especially seeks ways of situating the literature of the past in the context of concerns that are still relevant today, thus making medieval studies part of a broader interdisciplinary conversation. Her current research  includes a survey of the medieval English outlaw tradition as nature writing, a study of the malignant landscape in the Anglo-Norman poet Layamon’s Brut, and an examination of the depictions of the insular North-Atlantic land- and seascapes in Old Norse literature and later Scandinavian balladry.

Jordan LaBouff  (Ph.D., Baylor University, 2011)
CLAS-Honors Preceptor of Psychology

Jordan is a psychologist whose research projects primarily focus on questions like: “How does religion both make and unmake prejudice?”, “What does being a humble person look like, and how does it influence people’s success?”, “What sorts of factors outside of our conscious awareness might influence our feelings and behaviors?”, and “are there such things as non-substance addictions and why do they form?”  He and his wife (LaRae) both grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma and spent the last ten years in central Texas. They are both graduates of an interdisciplinary honors program, and are thrilled to be joining the community at the University of Maine’s Honors College!

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