Honors Council & Honors Secretaries

Honors Secretaries

The Honors Secretaries are faculty members designated by their degree-granting college to represent the college on the Honors Council and to work with students, faculty, and the administration of the college on matters relating to the Honors College.

The Honors Council

Description & Charge

The Honors Council exists as a liaison between the Honors College and other colleges, units, and structures on campus. The Council meets twice a semester to address the current activities of the College (recruitment, retention, enrollment, initiatives, etc.), to weigh in on curricular matters, to review requirements and policies, and to advise the Dean on issues of policy and guidelines, especially as these intersect with broader campus concerns.


Dean of the Honors College, Chair; College Honors Secretaries appointed by the college Deans for three-year terms; Library Liaison to the Honors College appointed by the Dean of Libraries for a three-year term; Director of Admissions or designee; Director of the Center for Undergraduate Research; Office of International Programs Liaison; Office of Student Affairs Liaison; Associate Dean of the Honors College; three faculty members appointed by the Dean for three-year terms; three Honors College faculty members elected by the Honors College faculty for three-year terms; four Honors students representing the four current Honors cohorts appointed by the Dean for one-year terms; the President of the Student Advisory Board; the two Honors Associates; and the Honors Administrative Specialist. The Council may approve changes to its membership as initiated by the Dean.

Membership for Academic Year 2020-21

  • Stefano Tijerina, Maine Business School (Management) [Through ’22]
  • Rich Kent, College of Education and Human Development (Literacy) [Through ’23]
  • Babak Hejrati, College of Engineering (Mechanical Engineering) [Through ’22]
  • Gregory Howard, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences (English) [Through ’23]
  • Heather Hamlin, College of Natural Sciences, Forestry, & Agriculture (Marine Science) [Through ’22]
  • Dominique DiSpirito, President of Honors Student Advisory Board and third-year Honors student (Political Science)
  • Megan Driscoll, Fourth-year Honors Student (Marine Science)
  • Sarah Marcotte, Third-year Honors Student (Biology)
  • James Hotham, Second-year Honors Student (Political Science)
  • Jacob Chaplin, First-year Honors Student (Engineering Physics)
  • Michael Grillo, Honors Faculty [Through ’22]
  • TBD, Honors Faculty
  • TBD, Honors Faculty
  • Hao Hong, Faculty at large (Honors) [Through ’22]
  • TBD, Faculty at large
  • TBD, Faculty at large
  • Mel Johnson, Fogler Library [Through ’21]
  • Ali Abedi, Director of Center for Undergraduate Research
  • Jennifer Desmond, Student Life
  • Nives Dalbo-Wheeler, Office of Major Scholarships
  • Orlina Boteva, Office of International Programs
  • Kristin Beebe, Administrative Specialist, Honors College
  • Kim Crowley, Honors Associate, Honors College
  • Cara Doiron, Honors Associate, Honors College
  • Melissa Ladenheim, Associate Dean, Honors College
  • Stephanie Welcomer, Interim Dean, Honors College