Additional Honors Courses

Additional Honors Courses (not required)

HON 150:  Genome Discovery I – From Dirt to DNA & HON 155:  Genome Discovery II – From DNA to Genes

HON 150/155 is a two-part research course in which first-year Honors students conduct authentic, hands-on research in conjunction with students from institutions all across the country.  Our involvement is part of a nation-wide program sponsored by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. Several students who started in HON 150/155 have continued with this research beyond the courses and undergraduate experience.

The Honors College also offers a variety of Independent Study/Research courses:

HON 190 Honors Summer Readings: Basic
(see front office in Estabrooke 146 to sign up)

HON 290 Honors Summer Readings: Intermediate
(see front office in Estabrooke 146 to sign up)

Honors 396, 397, 398, and 399
(see front office in Estabrooke 146 to sign up)

Honors 396 and 397 are directed study where a student explores a well-defined area of interest either outside (396) or within (397) her/his major field. This work is done under the supervision of a faculty member (the tutor) who has appropriate expertise. Honors 398 is an independent research experience, again supervised by an appropriate faculty member.