Honors 170, 175, 180, and 391

All Honors students must complete:

  • Two of the Three following Courses:
    • Complete HON 175: Community Building and Engagement
    • Complete HON 170:  Currents & Contexts
      • An opportunity for students to develop and enhance their awareness and understanding of events throughout the region, the country, and the world as well as to improve dialogue about these. In doing so, students will employ up-to-date information sources to explore issues including, but not limited to cultural conflicts; the roles of intergovernmental and nongovernmental organizations (IGOs and NGOs); the three branches of American government; the economy; the environment; and political debates of global, regional, and local concern.  May be repeated once for credit.  Satisfies the General Education Social Contexts and Institutions Requirement. Credits: 1
    • Complete Honors 180: A Cultural Odyssey or HON 188: Cultural Connections
      • An opportunity for students to extend their cultural education in the context of opportunities available at the University of Maine and in the surrounding area. Various arts events including dance, music, theatre, poetry, and visual art will be explored and analyzed. May be repeated once for credit. Required for all students in the Honors College. Satisfies the General Education Artistic and Creative Expression Requirement. Credits: 1
  • Complete Honors 391: Introduction to Thesis Research
    • A series of weekly meetings designed to provide prospective Honors thesis writers with the background, resources and understanding necessary to produce quality independent work. Will engage students in investigating previous theses written in The Honors College, discussions with students currently writing theses and faculty advising theses, identifying a thesis advisor, developing an individual thesis topic, increasing information literacy and research skills and producing an annotated bibliography or literature review. As of the Class of 2022 this course is now required for all students.