Gen Ed

The Honors Curriculum and General Education

[Note: The general education requirements listed below apply to all students at The University of Maine.  Students electing Bachelor of Arts (BA) degrees in either the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences or the College of Natural Sciences, Forestry, and Agriculture will have additional BA requirements to fulfill.  A brief discussion is available here; for more details please see your academic advisor or associate dean’s office.]

Courses offered by the Honors College (designated HON or Honors) satisfy these University general education requirements:

NOTE: Operationally, students who complete the Civilizations sequence and take any two or more credit course that satisfies any of the University’s Human Values and Social Contexts areas will have satisfied all of the University’s general education requirements with the exception of the mathematics, science, and capstone requirements.   These remaining two credits are satisfied by taking HON 170 & HON 180.  Additionally, the capstone requirement is satisfied by Honors 498 & 499 for many majors.

For students who do not complete the entire Honors curriculum…

…the chart below shows which requirements will be met upon completion of each semester in the Civilizations sequence.  Students may take any combination of HON 111, 112, 211, and 212; however, the college composition (ENG 101) requirement is only met upon the completion of HON 111 and 112 (with a grade of “C” or better).

Number of Semesters of the Civilizations Sequence
1 2 3 4
WCT checkmark* checkmark checkmark checkmark
CD & IP checkmark* checkmark checkmark checkmark
SC & I _ _ checkmark checkmark
P & E _ _ _ checkmark
A & CE _ _ _ checkmark
Ethics _ checkmark checkmark checkmark

*One course satisfies either WCT or CD & IP

WCT = Western cultural tradition
CD & IP = Cultural diversity and international perspectives
SC & I = Social context and institutions
P & E = Population and the environment
A & CE = Artistic and creative expression