The Honors Thesis

HON 391– Introduction to Thesis Research, 1 credit 
HON 498 & HON 499 – Honors Thesis, 3 credits per course 

The Honors thesis is an opportunity for students to work closely with a member of the faculty on an independent research or creative endeavor that brings their undergraduate academic experience to a conclusion. In many cases, the Honors thesis will satisfy the “capstone” general education requirement. 

Honors students begin their thesis journey in HON 391, Introduction to Thesis Research, a required 1-credit course. HON 391 is designed to provide prospective Honors thesis writers with the background and resources necessary to produce quality independent work. 

HON 498 and HON 499 are required to complete the Honors Thesis requirement. The course has no formal meeting time except for a few “check-in” meetings with the Honors Associates. Students will also have a handful of forms to hand in throughout the semesters to stay on track. Most of the course is dedicated to students working with their advisor on their individual project. The thesis advisor will assign the grades for the courses.