Building Use Form

To receive access to the Honors College common areas in Colvin and Balentine Halls, please fill this form out and submit it. You should have access shortly!

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  • The Robert B. Thomson Honors Center (first and fourth floors of Colvin Hall), the lower level of Colvin Hall, and the lounge, classroom, and lower level of Balentine Hall are available for 24 hour/day use by students in good standing of the Honors College at the University of Maine. By signing this contract you agree to abide by the following rules and regulations:

    • Students, staff, and faculty are to be treated with respect.
    • Guests are allowed in these areas, but those who are not members of the Honors College (or have not completed an Honors College contract, this document) must leave by 11p.m.
    • Sleeping overnight is not permitted in any of these areas.
    • There is no smoking or use of alcohol or illegal drugs at any time in these areas.
    • All kitchen appliances are to be kept clean and not misused; dishes must be washed and put away.
    • All areas must be left in a clean and ordered condition.
    • Quiet study has preference in the Honors Center and designated areas of Balentine Hall. Music may be played at reasonable levels, but only if it does not disturb anyone's work. Likewise, use of the TV/VCR/DVDs for viewing course tapes and academic materials has priority over entertainment.
    • Unless you are a resident or are specifically invited by a resident, the second and third floors of Colvin Hall and the residential areas of Balentine Hall are not to be entered.
    I have read and understand the above rules. I further understand that failure to abide by these regulations will result in revocation of my 24 hour privileges at the Honors College areas of Colvin and Balentine Halls and may result in additional sanctions.

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.