Research Clusters

Sustainable Food Systems Research Collaborative

The Sustainable Food Systems Research Collaborative (SFSRC) is a new initiative of the Honors College at the University of Maine. It brings together students, faculty, and community partners in an interdisciplinary approach to solving problems of food production, food distribution, and hunger. The SFSRC seeks to bring the expertise, energy, and enthusiasm of student researchers to bear on problems that are posed by community partners. Honors faculty and other UMaine professors serve as thesis advisors and provide continuity for problem-solving that could span several thesis projects.

Undergraduate Research in Comparative Functional Genomics
(INBRE/MDIBL collaborations)
Opportunities for Honors College students who are interested in hands-on, cutting-edge research in functional genomics.  These include summer fellowships, academic year support for third- and fourth-year students, a very successful course taught at Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory each year during spring break, and the first-year research courses HON 150/155:  Genome Discovery I/II:  From Dirt to DNA/From DNA to Genes.