Jaipur Literature Festival

The Festival takes place September 20-22, 2019 in Boulder, CO. Festival dates for 2020 are still to be determined.

2020 Deadline: Early April 2020, TBD

About the Festival: 

The Jaipur Literature Festival features authors from all over the world. Participants are welcome to join distinguished contemporary authors from the Americas, Asia, Africa, and Europe in their discussions of life, society, economics, the arts, equity, freedom and the care of our planet.  This is an opportunity for an honors student to travel to Boulder, Colorado and “examine the human experience through reflection and imagination of the participants.” Beau Rezendes, a dedicated supporter of the Honors College has graciously invited the recipient to stay with her in her home during the duration of the Festival.



  • Must be in good standing in Honors (GPA 3.30 or better).
  • The literature festival takes place from September 20-22, 2019, and the student must commit to participating during the entire time.
  • The selection is made based on the quality of the written proposal, letter of recommendation, résumé, and previous work in Honors and the major.
  • This award is given out at the discretion of the fellowship committee.
  • Cost of travel, lodging, and meals are covered by the award.



  • Application
  • The essay should include why you are interested in attending the literature festival, and how you see it benefitting your academic pursuits.
  • Résumé
  • One letter of reference from a faculty member (please have recommender email the recommendation to Honors Associate (Emily Craig emily.a.craig@maine.edu) with the subject heading (“Jaipur Literature Festival Recommendation for [Student Name]”)


  • The scholarship committee will notify the successful applicant after the submission deadline.