Faculty Resources

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Guide for Thesis Advisors



Post-Tenure Review for Faculty

Information about post-tenure review can be found here: umaine.edu/hr/post-tenure-review/


Sites with resources for the Civilizations sequence:

Honors 111 Faculty Resource Page 

Honors 112 Faculty Resource Page 




Text Change Proposal Form

Please use this form to suggest changes to the Honors Civilizations sequence. The form is due online May 9th.
  • Please list title, author, edition, and any other relevant information.
  • If the proposed change is a new edition of a currently-used text, explain your rationale for the change (you needn’t fill out the rest of the form if you are simply proposing a new edition or translation)
  • If the proposed change is a new reading or unit, please explain your rationale. Where in the sequence will it be placed, what information or knowledge does it convey that is important, and why is it an appropriate addition?
  • Will the proposed text or unit replace a preexisting unit? Which one, and why do you believe it should replace it? If it is an addition to a preexisting unit, how will students and preceptors manage the extra material in the allotted time? If your proposed change constitutes a new unit, how will it fit into the lecture sequence?
  • Please name UP TO three people, and explain why their disciplinary perspective on the text would be helpful.
    Lecturer 1Lecturer 2Lecturer 3 
  • Can you foresee any other potential obstacles or challenges in instituting this proposed change, and how would you suggest the honors college overcome them?