Charlie’s Terrace

In the months following Charlie’s death, a group that included family, friends, colleagues and alumni came together to discuss how best to create a space on campus that celebrates his vision and contributions to Honors at UMaine. As a result, a clear, unified concept emerged:  an outdoor classroom and terrace that creates a visual and, literally, growing connection between Honors College space in Colvin and Estabrooke halls, where students, faculty and staff can gather as a community.


The idea for Charlie’s Terrace first came up during the Celebration of Charlie’s Life. Charlie’s long-time friend and UMaine Mathematics professor Bob Franzosa shared stories about their time together as graduate students at the University of Wisconsin. One memory Bob shared was Charlie’s fondness for hanging out on the UW Terrace, so he suggested taking the Memorial Union, moving it down by the Stillwater, and building a Terrace in Charlie’s memory.