Cathleen Bauschatz

Emeritus Professor of French

B.A. Radcliffe College
M.A. & Ph.D. Columbia University

  • Why I teach in Honors:

I began teaching in the Honors Program (as it was then called) in the late 1970s. At that time, the program was housed in a small wooden building next to the UMaine Planetarium. This building was built mostly by students, and although the roof leaked, it was otherwise a comfortable and cozy home for a much smaller program than today. I worked with a series of Honors Directors. Many students from those days have gone on to important positions in business, law, public policy, etc.

Since Charlie Slavin became Director and then Dean of the Honors College, amazing changes have occurred. We have a newly renovated building, Colvin Hall, and our enrollments have grown enormously. We now have two Honors Associates, and some great activities for students such as events at the Collins Center for the Arts, trips to major U.S. cities, and visiting speakers.

Despite all these changes, the major character of Honors has not changed: small classes and close contact between faculty and students, who push us to discover new ideas outside our disciplines. The “Honors Read” has been a great addition to our curriculum, and gives each class something unique with which to start their university experience. Our students get better and better – this year’s first-year students are curious, articulate, and constantly surprise us with their originality and willingness to learn.

  • Recent Honors lectures:

The Tempest, William Shakespeare (Hon 211)