Chris Mares

Director of the Intensive English Institute
Lecturer in English as a Second Language

B.A. University of East Anglia
M.A. University of Reading
RSA Diploma in TEFL, International House

Chris has been involved in English Language Teaching since 1981. He has taught ESL/EFL students, trained teachers, written textbooks and other teaching materials, as well as presented at many professional conferences. He has worked and lived in Europe, the Middle East, and the Far East.

As well as directing the Intensive English Institute, Chris is involved in outreach work for ESL and bilingual practitioners in Maine.

When he is not working, Chris can be found enjoying the beautiful outdoors of Maine where he runs, cycles, hikes, sea-kayaks, skis, and camps. He also likes to read, play guitar, cook, write short fiction, play racquetball, and adventure with his black labs, Jackie and Stevie.

  • Why I teach in Honors:

I teach in Honors for the simple pleasure of reading, facilitating discussion, and attempting to grapple with the timeless questions that are at the heart of our humanity.

  • My philosophy for teaching in Honors:

It’s very simple:  however far you want to go I’ll do my best to help you get there and during the process you will become a clearer thinker and a better writer.