Eric LeVasseur

Eric LeVasseur ’18 Honors Associate

Honors Associate


B.S. Biology, Minor in Chemistry, Pre-Med Concentration

Class of 2018


As an Honors Student:

Civilizations Sequence

  • Preceptors: Jason Canniff (111), Robert Glover (112, 211), David Gross (212)


Tutorial Alternative: Study Abroad, Fall 2016 at the University of East Anglia in Norwich, England


My time at the University of East Anglia was a truly life changing experience. It was my first real chance to be completely immersed in a different culture and it certainly won’t be my last. My time abroad affected my undergraduate education in a few different ways; the classes, the traveling, and the friends I made, are what really made my experience so amazing. Studying abroad at UEA was the highpoint of my undergraduate career and I am extremely thankful that I was able to go. I will always recommend the study abroad program to any students, especially the prospective students that come on tours. The University of Maine will forever be the college of my heart always, but the University of East Anglia also has a little part of it too.


Honors Thesis: The Affective Disturbance of Ethanol Withdrawal on C57BL/6J and C57BL/6NJ Mice

Advisor: Alan Rosenwasser

Committee: Robert Glover, Michael Kinnison, Kristy Townsend, Matthew Harttmann

Description: This research studied the effects of Ethanol exposure and withdrawal on two different substrains of closely related mice. This involved performing three different behavioral tests to observe different behaviors. A Light/Dark Box Test was performed to test for anxiety. The Sucrose Preference Test was performed to test for an inability to feel pleasure. Finally a Forced Swim Test was performed to test for learned-helplessness. These tests were performed over the course of four weeks and our results showed that there was no significant difference in Ethanol Withdrawal between these two strains and previous studies have shown that there is a significant difference in Ethanol Preference in these two strains. This leads us to believe that the genes that affect Ethanol Withdrawal are different than the genes that affect Ethanol Preference.

Outside Academics:

I grew up in Medway, ME and graduated from Schenck High School before attending the University of Maine in 2014. Through my time at the University of Maine I’ve been able to work numerous jobs and be a part of a variety of clubs. I’ve previously worked as a Tour Guide and Student Orientation Leader for Admissions, as a Research Aide for a couple different labs on campus, been a Health Education and Leadership (HEAL) Mentor for First-Year Pre-Med students, and Worked in the Box Office at the Collins Center for the Arts! I was also a avid member of Greek Life and served as my Fraternity’s Vice President, Served as President for the medically-based volunteer group Operation H.E.A.R.T.S., and was a part of other great clubs like the Order of Omega, the Health Professions Club and Sophomore Owls, which is one of the 4 Traditions Societies on Campus. After graduating this past May 18’ I’m now looking forward to working closely with the incoming and current Honors Students for the 2018-2019 school year!