Hao Hong

Hao Hong is CLAS-Honors preceptor of philosophy and assistant professor of philosophy at the
University of Maine. Before coming to UMaine, he worked in the Department of Philosophy,
Religion, and Classics at Butler University in 2017/18 as a future faculty teaching fellow. Hao
received his PhD in philosophy with a minor in the history and philosophy of science from
Indiana University Bloomington in July 2018. Before that, he studied at Peking University in
Beijing, China, receiving an MA in philosophy, a BA in philosophy, and a BA in economics.

Hao’s primary research interests are metaphysics and Chinese philosophy. He is especially
interested in the nature of truth and metaphysical explanation in both Western (esp. analytic)
and Eastern (esp. Chinese) philosophical traditions. In addition to his research, Hao is fulfilled
by his time in the classroom and has broad teaching interests, including ethics, logic, philosophy
of science, philosophy of language, epistemology, and philosophy of religion.