Jennie Woodard

Lecturer in Honors
Office: 136 Estabrooke Hall
Research Interests and Publications:
Primary areas of research interest include: gender and film; American women’s history; popular culture and media studies; fashion and identity; 20th century American history
Secondary areas: intersectionality and pedagogy
Recent publications include:
  • “Skirts for Men: Elizabeth Hawes and Challenging Fashion’s Gender Binary” in The Journal of Popular Culture, Vol. 50 No.6
  • “Hearing the Marginalized Voice in the Great Books Curriculum” in Honors in Practice, 14
Why I teach in Honors:

I teach in Honors because of the multitude of disciplines, backgrounds, and interests of Honors College students always lead to wonderful classroom discussions where all (including myself) are enriched by the level of discussion.  Having taught all four courses in the Civilizations sequence, a handful of junior level tutorials, and advised and/or sat on a number of thesis committees, I am continually blown away by both the intellectual scope and thoughtful consideration Honors students give to their education.

Current and Recent Service:
  • Course Coordinator, HON 211
  • Curriculum Committee
  • Assessment Committee (Spring 2018)
Recent Honors Lectures:
  • Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl (HON 211)
  • Modern Times (HON 212)