Joseph “Joe” Miller

Honors Preceptor, History Instructor
Office: 137 Estabrooke Hall

BA History University of North Georgia, 2003
MA History UMaine, 2012
Ph.D. Candidate in History UMaine

Serve as an infantry platoon leader and Iraqi Army Adviser in combat.

Scholarly/Research Interests: The Human Experience of Conflict and Trauma

Why I Teach in Honors:

Because I like to ask big questions, and I like to work motivated students. As a non-traditional student and first generation college graduate I value opportunity to pursue knowledge that has often been denied to individuals because of the class race, and gender. I enjoy using the canonical texts to better understand the lived experiences of ordinary people. Most of all, as a trauma survivor I have experienced mass sectarian atrocities first hand, and I use my role as a preceptor to educate students in the in compassionate humanist empathy in an often brutal and chaotic world.


  • “Two Brownstowns: A Case Study on Moral Injury and Reciprocal Violence” American Review of Canadian Studies Volume 48 Issue 2 (Summer 2018) (Special Issue)
  • “Trading Combat Boots for Running Shoes: Finding Restorative Nature on Mount Desert Island” Beholding the Past, Chebacco: the Magazine of the Mount desert Island Historical Society Volume 19 (2018), 24-32.
  • “Fighting the Battle for Identity One Tattoo at a Time” O-Dark Thirty (August 2014)