Courses & Course Notes

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Required Courses:

Civilizations (HON 111, 112, 211, and 212) – 4 credits/course; typically taken over the first four semesters

The four courses constituting Civilizations: Past, Present, and Future follow a chronological trajectory from earliest recorded times through the present, examining philosophy, history, literature, the arts, and natural, physical, and social sciences. In particular, by incorporating primary sources, small group discussions, and multiple perspectives, these courses explore the way in which civilizations and cultures have been developed and have interacted with others.

HON 111 Civilizations I (Reading list for Honors 111)

HON 112 Civilizations II (Reading list for Honors 112)

HON 211 Civilizations III (Reading List for Honors 211)

HON 212 Civilizations IV (Reading List for Honors 212)

Syllabus for the entire 2018-2019 Civilizations sequence

HON 170 Currents and Contexts

HON 180 A Cultural Odyssey

General Education notes for the Honors core curriculum:

  • The Civilizations sequence satisfies the University’s Human Values and Social Contexts (HVSC) general education requirement for 16 out of the 18 required credits.
    • Taking HON 170 & HON 180 will provide the two additional required credits.
  • Successful (“C” or better) completion of HON 111 and HON 112 waives the college composition (ENG 101) requirement.
  • HON 211 and HON 212 each satisfy the writing intensive (outside the major) requirement.

**Students who have completed HON 111, 112, 211, 212, HON 170 & 180 will still need to fulfill the mathematics, science, and capstone requirements.**

HON 3XX – Honors Tutorials

Honors tutorials are small classes (traditionally capped at 8 students) that offer an in-depth look at a specific topic. These courses are proposed by faculty from across campus, and the tutorials offered change each semester. The current listing of Honors tutorials can be found here.

Alternatively, students choosing to study abroad, participate in a summer or semester REU (research experience for undergraduates), participate in a congressional internship, or another other approved “Tutorial Alternative” may waive the tutorial requirement. See the Tutorial Alternatives for more information.

HON 391 Introduction to Thesis Research

HON 391 is a one-credit, pass/fail course offered every semester. It is designed to give students a jump-start on their thesis. The course covers all aspects of the thesis process from beginning to end. This course is required beginning with the Class of 2022.

HON 498  & HON 499  – Honors Thesis

The Honors thesis is an opportunity for students to work closely with a member of the faculty on an independent research or creative endeavor that brings their undergraduate academic experience to a conclusion. In many cases, the Honors thesis will satisfy the “capstone” general education requirement. Further details on the Honors thesis can be found here.

 Other Honors Courses

HON 150:  Genome Discovery I – From Dirt to DNA & HON 155:  Genome Discovery II – From DNA to Genes

HON 150/155 is a two-part research course in which first-year Honors students conduct authentic, hands-on research in conjunction with students from institutions all across the country.  Our involvement is part of a nation-wide program sponsored by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. Several students, such as Robert and Gwen (featured below) who started in HON 150/155 have continued with this research.

The Honors College also offers a variety of Independent Study/Research courses:

HON 190 Honors Summer Readings: Basic
[Independent Study & Research Form]

HON 290 Honors Summer Readings: Intermediate
[Independent Study & Research Form]

Honors 396, 397, 398, and 399

Honors 396 and 397 are directed study where a student explores a well-defined area of interest either outside (396) or within (397) her/his major field. This work is done under the supervision of a faculty member (the tutor) who has appropriate expertise. Honors 398 is an independent research experience, again supervised by an appropriate faculty member.
[Independent Study & Research Form]