2002 Honeymoon in Purdah (Alison Wearing)

honeymoon in purdah coverExcerpts from the letter of transmittal written by the students who chose the text:

Honeymoon in Purdah by Alison Wearing is our choice for the Honors Read 2006. We chose this book for many reasons, but two in particular stand out.  First of all, it’s a great book. It is easy to relate to Wearing’s experience as she takes you with her on her eye-opening journey through Iran. Second, the book makes you think.

Iran is part of what President George W. Bush termed the “axis of evil.” Wearing’s portrayal of Iranian culture and people provides a different perspective. We are not attempting to criticize or condone either view — or even suggest that they are incompatible. This is something we hope you will be able to think about on your own while reading this book.

Before your year at the University of Maine begins, please read this book and begin to contemplate what it means to you. Know that your classmates are also reading the book  — expect to discuss and debate its contents when you arrive. And most importantly, enjoy.