2015 - Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro

Never Let Me Go book cover

Below is an excerpt from the letter written by the students in the Honors Read Tutorial who selected the 2015 Honors Read.

Ishiguro’s text follows the lives of three “donors”, clones of humans during their coming of age and pursuit to understand themselves. Through the exploration of their creative identities and interpersonal relationships, they seek what it means to be human. This novel, while seemingly simple, offers a complex internal narrative, which is hidden by an emotionally distant narrator. While reading Never Let Me Go, we encourage you to question the integrity of Kathy’s recollections and the role society casts her in.

Furthermore, we hope this text pushes you to look outward and to challenge preconceptions of our society and identities that are pushed onto us. How do we define ourselves? How does art play a role in our understanding of self and society? What does being human really mean? For many students, college is a time to challenge our preconceptions and a time of great changes. Never Let Me Go offers three different perspectives from people trapped in a system much larger than them and how they respond to the pressures. We challenge you to read this text and look at your own conceptions of self, your relationship with “society” and your forms of expression.