Winners of the INBRE Fellowships

The Honors College at the University of Maine is pleased to announce the winners of the INBRE awards in functional genomics for 2014-2015. Six students won Honors Thesis Fellowships and three won Junior Year Fellowships to do research.

The winners and their projects are listed below.


Honors Thesis Fellowship Winners

Gwen Beacham – Characterization of lysogeny regulation in the Cluster E mycobacteriophage Ukulele

  • Advisor: Sally Molloy
  • Major: Biochemistry

Katrina Harris – Characterization of the Integration Morphology of Mycobacteriophage ChipMunk Including de novo Assembly of the Genome

  • Advisor: Keith Hutchison
  • Major: Microbiology

Hina Hashmi – Is the Ubiquitous Antibacterial Agent Triclosan an Uncoupler of Mammalian Mitochondria?

  • Advisor: Julie Gosse
  • Major: Microbiology

Jay Knowlton – Transplacental Arsenic Exposure Effects on Mouse Hepatic Protein Expression

  • Advisor: Rebecca Van Beneden
  • Major: Biology

Samantha Kwok – Investigating Superoxide Dismutase 2 (SOD2) As a Potential Modifier of ALS in a Zebrafish Model

  • Advisor: Roger Sher
  • Major: Molecular and Cellular Biology

Stephanie Woods – The Role of RhoA in Haptotactic Cellular Migration

  • Advisor: Sharon Ashworth
  • Major: Biology


Junior Year Fellowship Winners

Campbell Belisle Haley – A genomic symphony: Close analysis of Ukulele promoters and experimental confirmation of promoters in mycobacteriophage

  • Advisor: Sally Molloy
  • Majors: Biochemistry and Spanish

Margaret Pasquarella – Exploring the Effects of FKRP and NAD+ on Muscular Dystrophies in Zebrafish

  • Advisor: Clarissa Henry
  • Major: Zoology

Emily Whitaker – Identification of Ukulele attP using bioinformatic analysis and transformation of Ukulele integrase expressing Mycobacterium smegmatis

  • Advisor: Sally Molloy
  • Major: Molecular and Cellular Biology


INBRE (the Maine IDeA Network for Biomedical Research Excellence) is an NCRR/NIH supported network of 13 Maine institutions. The central goal of the INBRE program is to strengthen Maine’s role in creating competitive biomedical research. More information can be found at