Prospective Students

Due to the public health concerns associated with COVID-19, in-person tours of the Honors College are temporarily suspended.

Please contact our main office with questions at Also, be sure to click here to check out our Virtual Accepted Student Day content!

Come Visit!

We are always happy to meet with our prospective students! To set up individual appointments to visit Honors, please contact us. The Thomson Honors Center, our main office, is housed in Estabrooke Hall

We are also always at the University’s Open Houses and in the Spring, we host several Accepted Student Days in conjunction with our colleagues in the other Colleges. Please check the UMaine Admissions page for the most recent Open House and Accepted Student Day events. We look forward to seeing you soon!

To ask a question of a current student, contact one of our Student Advisory Board (SAB) members.

The Honors College Brochure

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Honors College?
The Honors College provides academically motivated and enthusiastic students at the University of Maine with the intellectual experience and close working relationship with faculty members characteristic of the best small colleges, coupled with the extensive choice of majors and opportunities for original scholarship available at a nationally-recognized research university. (Read more about the Honors College) 

What is special about Honors education at The University of Maine?
The Honors College provides an approach to education quite different from what you would find in many traditional educational settings. (Read more about why Honors is special)

Will all my courses be Honors courses?
No. The Honors College offers a self-contained curriculum that is designed to provide students from all disciplines the opportunity to explore interesting academic topics in considerable depth while developing skills in critical thinking and independent scholarship. (Read more about Honors courses)

Are these the same as the honors courses I took in high school?
Probably not. Most high school honors courses are enriched or accelerated courses in a particular discipline, for example, Honors English, Honors Math, or Honors History. Our Honors courses are interdisciplinary. This is one of the real strengths of our curriculum; it provides an opportunity to explore topics from a myriad of viewpoints and brings together students and faculty from diverse disciplines… (Read more high school and Honors)

Can AP credit be used to satisfy Honors requirements?
Sorry, but no. The interdisciplinary nature of the Honors core means that high school Advanced Placement courses can not be used to waive courses in the Honors curriculum. However, many of our students have taken many AP courses in high school—those courses help prepare students for the rigor of Honors College courses.  Any AP credits that you have earned will still transfer in as college credit…  (Read more AP and Honors)

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