USA Best Books nod awarded to Honors preceptor

GroverCoverHonors Preceptor, Robert Klose was named the humor category winner in the 2015 USA Best Books Awards, for his novel Long Live Grover Cleveland., the award-granting online magazine features mainstream and independent publishing houses. On November 16, 2015 over 400 winners and finalists were announced in over 100 categories.

Klose’s fifth book takes place at a ailing Grover Cleveland College, “founded in the wilds of Maine as a refuge for young men seeking deferments from the draft during the Vietnam era. When the draft and war end, the exodus of students sparks a death spiral for the institution. The shock is too much for the college’s founder and president, Cyrus Cleveland—a direct descendant of President Grover Cleveland—who begins to die in tandem with his school. In a last bid to save his beloved institution, he wills the college to his nephew Marcus Cleveland, a used car salesman in New Jersey who has never been to college, much less administered one. Facing the impending calamity with cheer, an incorrigibly sunny attitude, and ample naiveté, Marcus is totally unprepared for the stew of discontented faculty, internecine rivalries, and unforeseen events that threaten to upend his every effort to rescue the school from the threat of extinction.”

Congratulations Professor Klose!