Honors students receive fellowships

A number of Honors students were awarded fellowships and scholarships during the Fall 2015 semester. Honors students were given the Carolyn E. Reed Pre-Medical Thesis Fellowship, and Rendle A. Jones ’65 and Patricia K. Jones ’65 Honors Thesis Fellowship. Additionally, many thesis students were awarded a Charlie Slavin Thesis Research Grant. Honors students were also competitive in Center for Undergraduate Research (CUGR) fellowships and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences fellowships.

Carolyn E. Reed Pre-Medical Thesis Fellowship:

Monique Theriault (Microbiology): Immune Recognition of Candida albicans in Zebrafish, Faculty Mentor Robert Wheeler

Rendle A. Jones ’65 and Patricia K. Jones ’65 Honors Thesis Fellowship:

Grace Kiffney (International Affairs ): Informal Economic Support Systems Among Asylum Applicants in Maine, Faculty Mentor Rob Glover

Charlie Slavin Thesis Research Grant awardees: 

Cameron Seigars (Mechanical Engineering): Computer Model of Clutching System in Modern Snowmobile, Faculty Mentor Michael Peterson

Cain Landry (Music): Choral Composition, Faculty Mentor Beth Weimann

Norah Bird (Philosophy): One act play- Zugzwang, Faculty Mentor Bruce Pratt

Kristen DiBello (Biology):  Translating Findings Regarding Adipose Tissue Neural Innervation to Humans, Faculty Mentor Kristy Townsend

Aeleah Granger (Psychology): Measuring Prejudice by Threats and Emotions in Arab and Muslim Communities, Faculty Mentor Jordan Labouff

Libby Grant (Chemistry): Quantification of Cyanogenic Glycosides in Elderberries, Faculty Mentors Barbara Cole and Angela Myracle

Morgan Gustin (NSFA): Efficacy of Maine Lobster Shell as Treatment for Parasitic Nematodes in Small Ruminants, Faculty Mentor Robert Bayer

Katherine Liberman (Marine Science): Optimization of sporulation of Saprolegnia parasitica isolates utilized in a zebrafish (Danio rerio) infection model, Faculty Mentor Ian Bricknell

Jade Maguire (College of Education and Human Development): Pre-Service Teacher Self Efficacy for Teaching Mathematics, Faculty Mentor Sid Mitchell

Sarah Mullis (Sociology): Alleviating Social Isolation and Food Insecurity Through Community Gardening; How the Orono Community Garden Impacts Seniors, Faculty Mentors Mark Haggerty and Melissa Ladenheim

Jaymi Thibault (Political Science):  City of Bangor- Outreach Research Project, Faculty Mentor Rob Glover

Cecilia Thomas (Biology): Investigatubg Neurotransmitter Systems in the Fenction of Adipose Tissues, Faculty Mentor Kristy Townsend

Brittney Turnbull (Music):  Folksongs of East Asia, Faculty Mentor Beth Weimann

Steven Valentino (Molecular and Biomedical Sciences): Development of PCR primers for Detection of Leaf Rust in Lowbush Blueberry, Faculty Mentor Seanna Annis


Center for Undergraduate Research (CUGR) Fellowships: 

Shania Evangelista (Chemical Engineering): Extraction of polysaccharides from marine biomass, Faculty Mentor: Peter van Walsum

Grace Could (Chemistry): Synthesis and Characterization of Ferrocene-Oxadiazole Complexes and a Study of their Medicinal Potential, Faculty Mentor: Alice Bruce

Morgan Gustin (Animal and Veterinary Science): Efficacy of Maine Lobster Shell As Treatment For Parasitic Nematodes In Small Ruminants, Faculty MentorL Robert Bayer

Katherine Lees (Psychology): Prosociality: The Effects of Religion, the Government and other Societal Institutions, Faculty Mentor: Jordan LaBouff

Sarah Mullis (Sociology): Alleviating Social Isolation and Food Insecurity Through Community Gardening; How the Orono Community Garden Impacts Seniors, Faculty Mentors: Melissa Ladenheim and Mark Haggerty

Elias Pasquerillo (Chemistry): Investigating Neuromelanin’s Role in Neurodegenerative Diseases Using Synthetic Fragments, Faculty Mentor: Matthew Brichacek


College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Awards:

Toni Kaplan (New Media), Faculty Mentor: Nicholas Giudice

Aeleah Granger (Psychology), Faculty Mentor: Jordan LaBouff

Patrick Menard (New Media) Faculty Mentor: Jon Ippolito

Jaymi Thibault (Political Science), Faculty Mentor: Robert Glover

Elizabeth Grant (Chemistry), Faculty Mentors: Barbara Cole and Angela Myracle

Jacob Morris (Chemistry), Faculty Mentor: Howard Patterson