Honors Students Recognized as Outstanding Seniors in CLAS, MBS

Numerous graduating Honors students have been selected for Class of 2020 departmental awards in recent announcements from both the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, and the Maine Business School. Congratulations to these Honors students, as well as all of the students selected, for this exciting recognition!

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

  • Lilja Bernheim, Outstanding Senior in Anthropology
  • Olivia Bradstreet, Outstanding Senior in Art
  • Liz Theriault, Outstanding Senior in Communication and Journalism
  • Maddy Jackson, Outstanding Senior in English
  • Jessie Sweeney, Outstanding Senior in Sociology
  • Cormac Coyle, Outstanding Senior in Philosophy
  • Arianna Giguere, Outstanding Senior in Physics and Astronomy
  • Raegan Harrington, Outstanding Senior in Psychology

Maine Business School

  • Samuel Varga, Academic Achievement in Finance
  • Meredith Stephens, Academic Achievement in Marketing


Click here for the full list of CLAS awardees, and click here for the full list of MBS awardees.