Charles V. Stanhope ’71 Study Abroad Fellowships

Spring Fellowship Application Deadline: April 1st, 2024, apply through Scholarship Universe 

The Charles V. Stanhope ’71 Study Abroad Fellowship is intended to encourage students to study abroad as a means to expand their horizons through the exposure to and understanding of different cultures.

Fellowships shall be awarded to students in good standing (GPA 3.30 and above) in the Honors College who study outside the borders of the United States. Preference shall be given to students who graduated from a Maine high school. 


  • Apply through Scholarship Universe 
  • Applications will not be accepted later than the the stated deadline.


The fellowship committee will notify applicants as to the decision on their proposals no later than two weeks after the submission deadline.

  • Acknowledgement of the Charles V. Stanhope ’71 Study Abroad Fellowship should be included in any posters, publications, etc. that result from the supported work: “This work was made possible in part by the support of the Charles V. Stanhope ’71 Study Abroad Fellowship.”