François Amar Named Dean of the Honors College

Francois Amar, Associate Professor of Chemistry

The Honors College is excited to announce that François Amar has been selected as the Dean of the Honors College!

François, Associate Professor of Chemistry and current chair of the Chemistry Department has been a long-time member of the UMaine community and the Honors College. In chemistry, François’ research interests include structure and reaction dynamics in ionic, molecular and metallic clusters,  catalytic upgrading of biofuels, and chemistry education research. He is a founding member of the Research Institute for STEM Education (RISE) center on campus.

François has taught in the Honors College since 2000, and is highly committed to the mission of the Honors College, which is:

to provide an enriching environment for students who are among the most academically motivated and talented at the University, an environment that enhances their college experiences through a curriculum that is intellectually challenging and engaging. The Honors College seeks to involve students, faculty members, and staff members from across the University in a community of scholars who together explore questions both within and beyond their various disciplines. The Honors College seeks to focus campus attention on excellence in undergraduate education while enhancing the University’s reputation as an academic leader.

We are unbelievably fortunate and excited to have François step into the role of Honors Dean on August 1st.