Honors goes to Vermont

A strong Honors contingent represented the University of Maine’s Honors College at the joint Annual Meetings of the Agriculture, Food, and Human Values Society Association for the Study of Food and Society, & Society for Anthropology of Food and Nutrition in Burlington, VT, June 17-21, 2014.

The six faculty members and four students who attended the conference are all members of the new Sustainable Food Systems Research Collaborative. The group made 3 presentations about their work and spent time networking with other food systems specialists from around the country.

The presentations were:

Collaboration and Innovation: The University of Maine’s Sustainable Food Systems Research Collaborative a roundtable discussion presented by Erin Sweeney, Mark Haggerty, Melissa Ladenheim, François G. Amar, John Jemison, Linda Silka, and Stephanie Welcomer along with graduating senior, Shannon Brenner. 

Collaboration for Food Access: Solidarity and SNAP Programs at Farmer’s Markets by Shannon Brenner, Erin Sweeney, Mark Haggerty, and John Jemison.

Why Farmers Choose to Farm, by John Jemison.

With support from a grant from the Sustainable Solutions Initiative, three students worked as SFSRC fellows for a month this summer: Audrey Cross, Ashley Thibeault, and Danielle Walczak. They are planning on using their experience as the basis of their Honors theses at UMaine.