Honors Preceptor featured in Brooklyn art exhibit

Samantha Jones’ art is featured this month at a Brooklyn, New York exhibit at the Amos Eno Gallery called “Rapture by Proxy,” through September 26. Jones is an Honors Preceptor who is fascinated by the dialogue between the urban and wild, pairing industrial and synthetic materials with a baroque temperament. The exhibit will also feature another Maine artists, Susan Camp. Together their art evaluates the connection and interactions between material culture and human desire for control over the environment.

Jones’ art is also featured at The Target Gallery at the Torpedo Factory and Art Center in Alexandria, Virginia until October 18. The exhibit, “Angel Soldier Dance Sublime” is also highlighting work from Heather Lyon, Anya Antonovych and Kari VanTine. The four artists explore the “sublime dance of archetypal masculinity and femininity.” The body is a binding theme throughout all the artists’ work exploring how the body negotiates femininity and power. According to the Gallery, “Jones’s hanging sculpture references both angel and soldier, the ecstatic and wounded, feminine and masculine.”