Honors student recieves NASA-funded grant

Third-year Honors student Isaiah Mansour was recently awarded a Maine Space Consortium Grant from NASA’s Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (EPSCoR). The grant will help fund Mansour’s marine science research on the respiratory protein of Abalone (a species of sea snail) blood, which exhibits many useful pharmaceutical qualities. Mansour will conduct his research through the Spring 2016 semester and hopes to potentially turn his work into an Honors thesis.
“Receiving the MSGC NASA EPSCoR Fellowship is an enormous honor that I do not take lightly,” Mansour said. “I am grateful to now have the ability to conduct a project of my own design, to turn a day dream into a reality, and with that I have already felt a growth spurt of maturity. When I got the letter my first thought was ‘well, this is serious,’ the moment was surreal. I am excited to collect the data, and I look forward to sharing the results.”
Congratulations Isaiah!