Honors Student attends Conference on World Affairs

Thanks to the generous donation of Beau and Dennis Rezendes, each year an honors student has the opportunity to attend the Conference on World Affairs (CWA) in Boulder, Colorado. This year, Jill Hein (International Affairs) represented UMaine at the conference.
From Jill:
“For me, CWA was an opportunity to learn about issues in international affairs from experts around the world and to engage with other topics and ideas with which I have less familiarity. The experience was both educational and one of self-development. Some of the new topics I encountered about agriculture and food security and sustainability have inspired me to look into taking food science courses in addition to my international affairs curriculum. I have always found agriculture interesting, but CWA allowed me to see connections between international affairs and global food security that I would like to pursue in the future. CWA was an inspiring experience that has given me more motivation and enthusiasm for my classes as I consider the knowledge I gained and the new topics that piqued my interest. I am so thankful for this incredible and inspiring experience!”