Five Honors Students Recognized at 2020 Maine Biological and Medical Sciences Symposium

Congratulations to the five Honors students among the winners and honorable mentions at the 2020 Maine Biological and Medical Sciences Symposium! This year’s symposium was fully online, on April 23-24, 2020. Students presented posters and fielded questions all in this new online format. Click here to read more about the symposium.

1st and 2nd Year Winners and Honorable Mentions

  • 1st Place: Ezekiel Robinson ’22, Molecular & Cellular Biology
    • “Low-Dose Arsenic Exposure Impacts the Expression of Orthologous Breast Cancer Associated Genes in Zebrafish Embryos”
    • Also received Honorable Mention for “Identifying potential genes of interest in Danio rerio infected with Influenza A”
    • King Lab (Maine Genomics Research Collaborative)
  • 3rd Place: Basel White ’22, Biomedical Engineering
    • “Wavelet-Based Automatic Pectoral Muscle Segmentation from Mammograms”
    • Kahlil Lab
  • Honorable Mention: Anna Briley ’23, Biomedical Engineering
    • “Transcriptomic variation underlying pollution resistance in fish”
    • Jayasundara Lab (Maine Genomics Research Collaborative)

3rd, 4th, and 5th Year Winners and Honorable Mentions

  • 1st Place: Lily Charpentier ’20, Biochemistry
    • “Characterization of ncf1 mutants in a zebrafish model of innate immune function with human influenza A virus infection”
    • King Lab
  • Honorable Mention: Emma Freeman ’20, Microbiology
    • “The role of the BPs immunity repressor in the regulation of pathogenic Mycobacterium chelonae gene expression”
    • Sally Molloy Lab

Congratulations to these Honors students and all the recognized students for their outstanding research and presentations. Thank you as well to all students who participated this year!