The Honors College Announces Spring 2020 Scholarship Recipients

The Honors College is pleased to announce the winners of this year’s spring scholarships! Normally we would recognize these winners at the annual Honors Celebration, but this year’s event was unfortunately cancelled due to the global pandemic, so we hope to recognize them here. Thank you to the generous donors who make these scholarship opportunities available to our students, and congratulations to all of the students honored this year!


Professor Melvin Gershman Scholarship
The Professor Melvin Gershman Scholarship Fund was established at the University of Maine in 1998 with gifts from family, friends, and associates. The income from the fund shall be used to provide scholarship assistance to meritorious science students enrolled at the University of Maine. Preference shall be given to students in the Honors College whose curriculum includes a strong emphasis in the humanities.

Emily McLaughlin ’21 (Microbiology/Spanish)


Robert B. Thomson Memorial Honors Awards
The Robert B. Thomson Memorial Awards were established in 1984 by family and friends, and are awarded to outstanding Honors College juniors majoring in Political Science and in Art.

Caroline Strolic ’21 (Art History)
Abigail Despres ’21 (Political Science)


Mark R. Haskell ‘82 and Katherine Zeitlin Haskell Honors Scholarship
The Mark R. Haskell ‘82 and Katherine Zeitlin Haskell Honors Scholarship was established at the University of Maine Foundation in 2015 to provide scholarship assistance to University of Maine Honors College students, with a preference for students majoring in Political Science.

Dominique DiSpirito ’22 (Political Science)
Jillian Haggerty ’23 (Political Science)


Honors College Aspiration Scholarship
The Honors College Aspirations Scholarship Fund was established by the University of Maine Foundation in 2002 with a gift from Nancy B. Prisk ‘72 to provide scholarship aid for hard-working students enrolled in the Honors College.

Caeli Connolly ’23 (Earth Sciences)


Jaipur Literature Festival
Beau Rezendes, a dedicated supporter of the Honors College has graciously created an opportunity for students to travel to Boulder, CO for the Jaipur Literature Festival.

Hannah Yelle ’23 (Computer Science/Communication)


Rezendes Global Service Scholarship
The Dennis Rezendes ’57 and Jacqueline Beau Rezendes Global Service Scholarships support one or more Honors College students as volunteers to programs offered by the Global Volunteers Organization (St. Paul, Minnesota). The scholarships will assist with covering transportation to and from the volunteer location and fees required of the sponsoring organization.

Tom Adams ’21 (Secondary Education)


Charles V. Stanhope Study Abroad Scholarship
The Charles V. Stanhope ‘71 Honors College Study Abroad Fellowship Endowment Fund was established at the University of Maine in 2008. Fellowships shall be awarded to students in the Honors College who study for at least a semester outside the borders of the United States. Preference shall be given to students who graduated from a Maine high school.

Alexandria Hill ’21 (International Affairs/Spanish)


Steinmetz Book Awards
The John Ferdinand Steinmetz Memorial Award was established in 1962 through a gift from the family of the late John Ferdinand Steinmetz ’43 to be used annually as an award for first-year Honors students.

Patty Andersen ’23 (Secondary Education/French)
Tamra Benson ’23 (Biology)
Lara Chern ’23 (Engineering Physics)
Caeli Connolly ’23 (Earth Sciences)
Victoria Eichorn ’23 (Biology)
Tara Flubacher ’23 (Exercise Science)
Loren Genrich ’23 (Exercise Science)
James Greenwood ’23 (Ecology & Environmental Sciences)
Jordyn Morel ’23 (Zoology)
Rachel Ouellette ’23 (French)
Mikayla Reynolds ’23 (Management)
Alex Rutherford ’23 (Psychology/Sociology)
Seth Sweet ’23 (Civil Engineering)
Elaine Thomas ’23 (Management/Music)
Jude Zanoni ’23 (Electrical Engineering)