Honors Preceptor Rob Glover Awarded Voting Advocacy Grant; Seeking Student Voting Ambassadors

Congratulations to Professor Rob Glover, Associate Professor in the University of Maine Political Science Department and preceptor in the Honors College! Professor Glover is the recipient (with Coordinator for Leadership Development, Jenny Desmond) of an approximately $20,000 grant from the non-partisan student voting advocacy organization Ask Every Student.

Half of the value of the grant includes hiring student voting ambassadors who will receive $1000 stipends to assist with voter registration, absentee voting requests, voter education, and turnout.

If you are a current student interested in becoming a UVOTE Voting Ambassador, check out the flyer below!

Flyer for UVOTE student ambassadors application. If you would like to learn more, email Rob Glover at robert.glover@maine.edu