Research Collaboratives

Genomics Research Collaborative

The Genomics Research Collaborative (GRC) is an interdisciplinary biomedical research training program within the Honors College and INBRE. Teams of Honors students are conducting research with faculty mentors on topics ranging from how the innate immune system responds to Influenza A Virus infection, to the behavioral and physiological responses to toxins in drinking water, to discovering genes that could lead to new bacteriophage therapies for tuberculosis. Even though the students in the GRC have different majors and years of study, they are all interested in biomedical research.

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Servant Heart Research Collaborative

The Servant Heart Research Collaborative (SHRC) was created through the Honors College at the University of Maine to address specific educational and experiential challenges facing children in Sierra Leone. Learn more about the collaborative’s recent trip to Sierra Leone here! For three years, the collaborative has been working on two projects:

    • A six-part series of workshops on attachment theory (AT) for caregivers working with displaced and orphaned children
    • The National Exam Test Tool (NETT), an online training system for students taking high stakes national exams which they are required to pass in order to progress in school

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