The Honors College Mentor Program

The Honors College Mentors are current Honors students from different colleges and majors. Mentors help incoming first year students adjust to the Honors College and the University of Maine academic experience. You can learn more about our current mentors below.

Benefits for Mentors:
Opportunity to develop leadership skills
Opportunity to network
Learning new perspectives from a diverse group of students
Enhance students’ Honors College experience
Contribute to community building and professional development of students

Benefits for mentee:
Learn from upper class students how to be successful in the Honors College
Expand your social connections
Increase your skills and confidence
Improve your academic performance

Applications to be a mentor open in the Spring.
Applications to be a mentee open in the Summer.

Micah Shelenberger
Miguel Camacho
Kathryn Busko
Kathryn Busko
Sara Sullivan
Tatyanna McCourt
Mo Dremmeh
Mo Drammeh

Lindsey Baker
Amelia Bradford
Alexa Rose Perocillio
Alexa Rose Perocillo