Kim Crowley

Kim Crowley

2019-2021 Honors Associate

  • Class of 2019
  • B.A. in English, Concentration in Professional & Technical Writing, Minor in Marketing


As An Honors Student:

  • Civilizations Sequence
    • Preceptors: Sam Jones (111), Melissa Ladenheim (112), and Stefano Tijerina (211 and 212)
  • Tutorial Alternative: Study Abroad – Fall 2017 at University College Cork in Cork, Ireland
  • Honors Thesis: The Personal is Poetic: A Case for Poetry Therapy
    • Advisor: Jennie Woodard
    • Committee: Julie DellaMattera, Melissa Ladenheim, Sid Mitchell, Deborah Rogers
    • Abstract: The Personal is Poetic: A Case for Poetry Therapy explores and deconstructs the history, models, and therapeutic qualities of poetry therapy through an autoethnographic lens of loss and growth. Inspired by the passing of my mother and my foray into poetry as a form of therapeutic expression, I dive into the existing literature on therapeutic usages of poetry and illustrate its connections to my writing and personal experiences. I include narrative accounts of my experiences of grief, growth, and coming of age, as well as samples of my poetry chosen to illustrate principles, model components, and poetic devices related to poetry therapy.


Outside Academics

During my time at the University of Maine, I was a student representative for the Honors Council and a member of the Humanities Student Task Force and English Undergraduate Student Advisory Board. I also worked on the Servant Heart Research Collaborative, presented at two National Collegiate Honors Council Conferences, graduated from the Maine NEW Leadership Institute, and interned for the University of Maine Mandela Washington Fellowship Program and Partners for Peace. 


During my senior year, I was one of two inaugural McGillicuddy Humanities Center undergraduate student fellows, where I was able to share my thesis research and love of poetry with the UMaine community. 


I graduated May 2019 and can’t wait to help all Honors students make the most of their Honors and college experiences!