Mimi Killinger

Dr. Margaret O. “Mimi” Killinger

Professor in Honors

Rezendes Preceptor for the Arts


Ph.D., University of Maine (2004)

M.A., Emory University (1997)

M.T.S., Duke University (1993)

B.A., University of Virginia (1988)


Mimi Killinger is a Professor and the Rezendes Preceptor for the Arts in the Honors College. Her research focuses generally on women’s history, environmental history and honors education and pedagogy. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from the University of Virginia, a Masters of Theological Studies (magna cum laude) from the Divinity School of Duke University, an M.A. in literature and religion from the Institute of Liberal Arts at Emory University and a Ph.D. in American history from the University of Maine.


Why I teach in Honors:

I enjoy so much about teaching in honors: small classes, rich interdisciplinary curricula, community rooted in scholarship and service, and creative honors courses designed around a preceptorial model that is ripe for intellectual engagement and exchange.

The Honors College students themselves are the best part of all. They are curious, hardworking, motivated people with whom it is a pleasure to learn. Furthermore, the Honors College administration has created a model learning environment for students and instructors alike. The Dean’s leadership style sets an extraordinarily positive tone; she is open, welcoming and utterly committed to rigorous academic work. The honors staff is likewise student-centered, dedicated and supportive. In turn, the Honor College is growing and improving, and it is a pleasure to be caught up in the swell its success.


M. Killinger, CV, August 2023