MINERVA is the Honors College’s annual magazine that highlights current students, faculty, alumni, and friends.  

Visit our MINERVA gallery below to view past covers, editors, and click through to view a digital version of each year.

Our current issue is MINERVA 2019, edited by François Amar, Kim Crowley, Cara Doiron, Melissa Ladenheim, and Chris Mares, with layout and design by Cara Doiron. 

Each year the Honors College sends students and faculty to attend the National Collegiate Honors Council (NCHC) conference in a major US city. All Honors programs are invited to submit their magazines and newsletters for a competitive award, eligible to win every other year.  Our Minerva publication has been a frequent winner:

2018 – 1st Place NCHC Newsletter Contest
2016 – 3rd Place NCHC Newsletter Contest
2013 – 2nd Place NCHC Newsletter Contest
2011 – 2nd Place NCHC Newsletter Contest
2009 – 1st Place NCHC Newsletter Contest
2007 – 1st Place NCHC Newsletter Contest
2005/2006 – 1st Place Newsletter Award
2003/2004 – 2nd Place Newsletter Award

Many Honors College staff members deserve recognition for these awards.

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