Michael Grillo

Associate Professor of Art

Office: 219 Lord Hall
Office hours: Tuesdays 2:00pm – 3:30, or by appointment

Michael Grillo received his PhD in Mediaeval History of Art at Cornell University. He has taught at the University of Maine for decades, where he teaches courses on Mediaeval and Renaissance History of Art, Film History and Theory, Photography, and Historiography.

Scholarly Interests: I am currently working the importance of copied images in Early Renaissance Siena, and also contextualizing Giottino’s “Lamentation” in the Uffizi in terms of nineteenth-century restoration of Late Mediaeval works.

Why I Teach in Honors: Honors connects me with a wonderful diversity of students and faculty members in different academic pursuits. As a centre of interdisciplinarity, it provides us all with opportunities to share our fields and learn from others, exactly what defines the strengths of an all-inclusive university.

Publications: Recent writings include “Phenomenology and Index in Trecento Painting”, “Illuminated Architecture: The Influence of Manuscripts on the Palatine Chapel”, “Broadening the Gene Pool: The Value of the Humanities’ Future Success” and “David’s Other: Creation by the Gaze”.

Honors Involvement: Beside teaching classes in the Civilizations sequence, I have offered tutorials, including “The Camden Film Festival” and “Theory and Practice in Photography”. In the Civilizations classes, I lecture on the Acropolis, the High Renaissance, Netherlandish Painting, and films. I also work with the Honors 180 class in their study of film.