Tina Passman

Emeritus Associate Professor of Classical Language and Literature

B.A., M.A., & Ph.D. University of Iowa

Research interests include ancient mythology and religion, the experience of women in the ancient world, multiculturalism and cross cultural studies, universal design and inclusion, community building and universal access to education, ethics.

  • Why I teach in Honors:

It is interesting, and I feel the first year is crucial in the formation of the intellectual, emotional and spiritual lives of students.

  • My philosophy for teaching in Honors:

Deep listening to my students and using anything and everything for those “teachable moments.” Helping students to come to know and understand that true teaching is not based on popularity, technique, or even whether you LIKE the teacher – it is the authentic passion of the teacher’s heart that speaks to something mysterious in yours.

  • Recent Honors lectures:

The Odyssey, Homer (Hon 111)
Aeneid, Virgil (Hon 111)
The Golden Ass, Apuleius (Hon 112)
Confessions, Saint Augustine (Hon 112)
The Inferno, Dante (Hon 112)