Senior Honors Student Kimberly Crowley Receives the McGillicuddy Fellowship

Kimberly Crowley, a senior in Honors and CLAS received the inaugural 2018-2019 McGillicuddy Humanities Center Undergraduate Fellowship for her work with Dr. Jennie Woodard on poetry writing as therapy. Her honors thesis is a hybrid of creative work (her own personal poetry) as well as research on writing as a form of therapy. She presented on poetry at this year’s […]

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2018 Mitchell Center Award Ceremony

Gwyneth Roberts, an Honors student majoring in Mathematics and Ecology & Environmental Science, won the award for Outstanding Undergraduate Student Contribution to Sustainability Research, given by the Senator George J. Mitchell Center for Sustainability Solutions. Center director, Dr. David Hart, presented the award on December 10, 2018. Roberts has been doing her thesis research with advisors […]

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UMaine Alumni Achievement Awards Announced

Congratulations to Paige and Nate who are Alumni of the Honors College! “Paige Eggleston of Portland and Nate Wildes of Bath, co-recipients of the Rising Star Awards. The award honors recent graduates who have demonstrated outstanding commitment to advancing the strength and success of the Alumni Association and its members. Eggleston graduated in 2013; Wildes […]

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The Honors Medallion

Attachment Theory Workshop in Sierra Leone

For the past couple of months, attachment theory workshops have been conducted in Bo, Sierra Leone. The purpose of these workshops was to improve the relationship between guardian and child through more positive ways of interacting with each other. Module 1 of this workshop was completed in October and had 65 participants who all expressed […]

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Prof. Mark Brewer is UMaine’s Expert on Political Parties and Elections

Prof. Mark Brewer‘s political science expertise receives particular attention from the general public during election seasons, but his research on political behavior takes place year-round. And regardless of one’s position on current American politics, political behavior is a lively topic that receives a lot of attention these days. Brewer, the September recipient of the Alumni Association’s […]

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